We are an independent design and development consultancy specialising in Embedded Software, Firmware and Hardware, and Linux system-level development. Being experienced complete end-to-end system engineers means that out customers get great results within competitive development budgets. We work in partnership with our clients, ask the right intelligent questions, solve intellectually difficult problems, and successfully develop their requirements into exisiting or new product system designs. We are able to manage the end-to-end delivery of systems from requirements analysis to solution and commercial/defence standards testing.


We develop intellectual property wherever possible based on a long-term vision into requirements so the need for expensive re-engineering tasks is minimised during future life-cycle improvements.


Business security, integrity and ethics are very important to us and in particular to our clients' intellectual property and market ownership.


Why Use Us

There are several good reasons:


  1. Our independence means that we are focussed solely on making our clients' businesses succeed without conflict of interest and with utmost integrity.
  2. We have experience and specialist skills across all business domains and therefore are able to communicate effectively at all levels of your business.
  3. Having worked in many organisations and in many sectors over a long period of time means that we have seen many problems and can provide solutions quickly and efficienly.
  4. Many product solutions have long life cycles, and the costs of a highly skilled team and tooling are significant for short development periods. We are much more than a group of external contractors - we will take ownership of the solution and lead where necessary. We are committed to making our clients' designs successful so their businesses can succeed in any competitive market.
  5. We can integrate seamlessly into your existing project teams and add value immediately.
  6. Our honest and straightforward approach to working means developments are cost effective, innovative and with low development cycle times.
  7. We offer fixed price or day rate contracts according to customer requirements.


How We Work

Business security, integrity and ethics are essential to us. We protect our reputation ferociously. In particular we treat our clients' intellectual property and market position as our own. We work closely with a client organisation from the start: from understanding the product concept and requirements defintion, all the way through to design and product delivery. We design work packages around key milestones and stages of your project. We approach projects with a thorough understanding of commercial constraints and management of risk. We believe a 'can-do' attitude is everything.

Our technical approach is to design in maintainability to minimise re-engineering when the project is handed to your own development teams.


Intellectual Property and Our Clients

We are strict about maintaining our clients' intellectual property. We will only accept new clients if there is no conflict of interest with another programme during an agreed time period. All source material is exclusively owned in perpetuity by the client unless it has been mutually agreed during the initial contract for the programme. All our software/firmware developments are held in their own secure repositories and we guarantee not to pollute or dilute existing programmes with foreign sources.