Our engineers have had design experience on a wide range of commercial and defence projects, from commercial mass produced products to safety critical control systems.


We specialise in embedded firmware and software with emphasis on:


  • Communication Systems (RF and fixed link protocols)
  • Control Systems
  • Sensors
  • Low Power design
  • Internet Enabled Systems
  • Algorithm Design
  • Digital Signal Processing (analogue sampling to digital domain processing)
  • Embedded Graphics/User interfaces
  • USB and Wifi Peripherals
  • Safety Critical Design
  • Lifecycle maintenance - rearchitecting for obsolescence, product improvement, and cost of ownership.



We operate under a development process predominately based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP), with the tooling and processes to support it. For higher level software we may choose to use an Agile process, which may be more suited to rapid prototype development. In both cases we exercise diligent control of the programme with both checkpoints and realistic timescales incorporated into the project plan. Depending on the scale and requirements of the programme we can also design rigorous automated test systems.
We are detailed oriented and are able to locate and fill in the gaps of any client specification. At the end of each programme we supply a documentation pack enabling the client to maintain and upgrade the design without us being involved (should that become necessary).


Languages and Operating Systems


Since we are solution providers we are capable of making the best choice of runtime system for a design according to the costs and future requirements of the programme, however a significant amount of our work is based on legacy requirements and product lifecycle maintenance, so we provide a list of those languages and operating systems that we have predominately used.


Operating System/Executive Language/Runtime System
Linux C++/Embedded C++
SafeRTOS Java
VxWorks Python

Collectively we have been developing code for a long while so there isn't much we haven't used at some point or at least visited. With the increasing number of internet enabled appliances it is important to mention that we have experience and regularly use web technologies (e.g. PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS, and AJAX techniques) but they are not central in embedded systems so they are not a classed as a core competency.



Processing Architectures


We have a rich set of software/firmware development tools and systems that we maintain on site. Detailed knowledge and experience allows us to deliver reliable and cost-effective results with these architectures.



Altera FPGA (Verilog)

Arm M3 Cortex 
Motorola DSP56K

Microchip PIC16/18/24

Microchip PIC32 (MIPS4000) and dsPIC30

Intel ia32, ia64, 80960 and 8051